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I love my neighborhood. I love walking to work, walking home, walking just about everywhere. Yesterday I walked through the park on my way home, and the enclave of lush life in my rough-around-the-edges neighborhood took my breath away.
Tompkins Square Park

More than a few shots of the park were taken … you can imagine, I’m certain. It was just so inspiring! And after all the concrete, metal, and graffiti pictures I’d been taking … a photograph of life renewed seemed more than appropriate.

There were plenty of us there to enjoy the beauty. I wonder if anyone else went out of their way such as I to enjoy the walk through the park?

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I love winter … don’t get me wrong. I moved North to enjoy Winter, but every winter I look forward to that first legitimate week of Spring. The week when vibrant green shoots are seen culminating in a few days of buds and blooms in every corner of NYC.

Life renewed. Ahh, springtime.

These buds in particular caught my longing eye. They’re long gone, but their memory makes me happy … and ready for next year’s first week of Spring!

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