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When I started what I thought was Apartment Therapy’s The Cure, I thought, ‘Well at least I won’t have to paint. I still love the color I painted my apartment when I moved in.”


Square that: HAHA!

Turns out, after looking at what I can only estimate has been THOUSANDS of pictures online or in books, I realized, “Oh crap! I want a different color scheme for my space.”

For years, my rooms were always relaxing colors: light blues, light purples. When I moved out on my own and into this space, I chose a solid yellow. Bright, but deep. Oh, Sunny Days, how you lit up my apartment the first year I was here.

Benjamin Moore's Sunny Days

Then I saw this space, and realized what my space was missing: sophistication.

Sophisticated Color Scheme with Color

Don’t get me wrong, Sunny Days has a lot to offer. Like any troubled relationship, I struggled to call it to an end. There are things about Sunny Days I continue to find attractive. And yet, something else was calling to me.

Then another color scheme caught me:

Stolen Inspiration

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Seeing a pattern?

Then I realized the yellow would be gone from my life, which saddened me. I suffer from separation anxiety. I wasn’t completely ready to end things. So I painted my kitchen. Yellow.

Painting in Progress

Final (but poorly lit) Yellow Kitchen

Now, before I bring in new furniture, build some pieces, and go any further … I’m going to paint my apartment’s main room. It also helps that I found a coupon for a free paint sample. Nothing like a expiration date to return my momentum.

What colors to pick, though?!?!

I brought home the freebie (all 2 oz.) and two quarts of mixed-just-for-me paints. Then I headed home, and threw them up on the walls to see what I liked.

Getting a photograph of them on my actual wall was too difficult a task for my camera and lighting options. Here are the colors straight from the Benjamin Moore site:

Schooner - The Front Runner

Schooner - The Front Runner

Mt. Rainier Gray

Mt. Rainier Gray

Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver

I was struggling with which walls to paint.

I knew one needed to be a luminescent white. Something to help enlarge the space. I’m thinking Benjamin Moore’s Gardenia, and I know one of the four walls that will be white.

There are three other walls.

Do I go with a bold color (Schooner), which probably means three white walls and one dramatic wall? Or do I paint two, maybe three, one of the lighter colors? Oh, the dilemma that’s facing me!

While I ponder, a few picture frames are down to provide enough space to test out the colors.

Your choice … weigh in on colors or wait and see what happens next. I have until this weekend to decide. I’d like to have this decision and the painting behind me by weekend end. (Is that even a thing? Weekend end?)

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Even when I don’t think I have much to say.

Here’s the thing, I’m a little scattered about this. Is this a photography blog? Is it a project blog? Is it a travel blog? I guess it could be everything; I just gotta get better about posting daily. Or almost daily.

What am I doing now? I’m overhauling my apartment in prep of March’s The Cure with Apartment Therapy. Originally I thought it was an online-group project tackling thing, but it’s a Spring cleaning online support group. Well, each area of my minuscule East Village apartment needs to be cleaned out AND cleaned. Most of it needs a total overhaul in terms of organization, furniture, and (sometimes) purpose.

That’s what I’m doing. Along with learning many other lessons, one lesson I’m learning is that the before pictures I think will be important … aren’t. Working on that.

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Tonight I was going to try to hang the new microwave shelf. I finally have all the things I need, namely appropriate brackets and anchors, but now I’m exhausted. And as much as I’d like that shelf in place, I also need to rest.

With all this resting and free time … I’m doing a little online shopping … daydreaming of what my apartment could be. Here are my favorite finds:

What a sweet desk with storage.

This desk would look GREAT where my current desk is. By desk I mean the “Shabby Chic” vanity from Target that I use as a desk. Definitely a step up. Too bad it’s sold out, or maybe not. My renovation budget doesn’t really provide for a new desk.

Here’s the desk I was really looking for:

A desk that collapses INTO a wall shelf ... complete with storage. A-MA-ZING!

Not nearly as eye-catching as the one above, but wow! That would be a great space saver for my tiny, East Village apartment.

And, now, that I’ve given myself permission to purchase flowers weekly, this may well be necessary.

This would be perfect ... for the last, remaining blooms when all the others have been removed.

What I have included in my renovation budget, is a little bit for the cleaning system from MUJI.

One stick with different attachments, just wish the broom were angled!

I hate to end my daydreaming on a “cleaning” note, but that’s where my head is these days.

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This is an oldie but a goodie … on Amtrak one fine day riding up the Hudson to meet my mother in Albany, I vowed that I would shoot the lovely sights you can see from the train’s windows as you whiz by. Many of the shots were quite blurry, as you can imagine, but this one really struck me.

Taken this past winter.

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The Good Stuff, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

Surprisingly tasty … and perfectly hit the spot after hiking Watkins Glen State Park at the base of Seneca Lake. Nothing like a beautiful day, good friends, and a cold beer. Am I right?

Just wish that damn Bud Light cup weren’t in the background!

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Mercantile, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

I’m planning a trip to Labrador and Newfoundland on the NE coast of Canada this summer. Probably seems unrelated to this photograph of pots from a ghost town in Montana, but to me it symbolizes going to a place that’s largely untouched by all the big, shiny things that make up my fast-paced life in New York City.

Where’s your favorite place to go when you “get away from it all”?

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comes to Astor Place. Who could imagine that this iconic images would appear on the ground, downtown, sculpted out of metal? Not I. Glad to stumble upon it.

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Planning a trip back to Newfoundland and Labrador … got me reminiscing. Loved this spot.

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Jesus Saves Mission, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

That’s right … Jesus Saves. This is the The Father’s Heart Ministry Center on East 11 Street in the East Village at night. The Jesus Saves sign is simply timeless.

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Cement Cylinders, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

Trying to get the right balance of urban (see above) and unexpected beauty (see previous flower and creation postings). These cylinders just struck me. They were piled up on the street with neon orange fencing keeping traffic from driving into them … or at least hoping to keep traffic from driving into them.

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