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The Best Part

of undertaking Apartment Therapy’s Cure? Weekly flowers.

At least, that’s what I would have said at the outset. Hands down … the best part … weekly flowers. Not just permission to spend the $10 on flowers that are destined to wilt and die, but laying down the law that this is something you will build into your budget.

How wonderful is that?

The first few weeks were nothing but tulips. What a treat!

They were easy to purchase. One bunch of a single color, as tight as I could find so they’d last as long as possible.

Slowly, I tried others:

The Tea Roses caught me off guard. Typically, I hate roses. Or at least that’s what I’ve said the last *cough* years, but I just kept coming back to these.

Bonus: A couple of branches were broken, which meant I had buds all over. The main spray in the main room, but then buds in unexpected places: by the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, on my nightstand …

Some red flowers to go with my RED iPod:

and lastly, some white flowers that have bloomed their hearts out for weeks!

Yes, at the outset of this, I would have said the weekly flowers were going to be the highlight. With the end in sight, however, I think I was wrong. I think the best part is turning my apartment into a home.

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Each weekend, I’ve been really good at working on apartment-centric projects. This past weekend, though, I went to Mom’s South Carolina lake house. I told myself that even though I wasn’t going to get anything in the apartment done, I was going get as many of the “little things” as I could fit in my suitcase that would be inexpensive in SC but a fortune in NYC.

Up first, legs for my new bed frame. Yup, building my own frame with the help of a friend’s carpenter brother! I have most of the wood already; I’ll have to buy the rest soon. Here are the legs, though:

Bed Frame Legs

If it works, it’ll be perfect! Both suitcases will fit under it. That was basically all I wanted.

I’ve stored the same things under my bed for the last *cough* years. Now, I want nothing under there. Nothing you can see, anyway. I’m pretty sure that means keeping: TV packaging, two suitcases, and my cat carrier under there. Max.

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