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Things Are Looking Up., originally uploaded by mebore.photography.


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Loving these late Spring / early Summer days with crisp walks to the office and warm, leisurely walks home (when I can get out of work at a reasonable hour).  I love St. Mark’s in-the-Bowery.  I think it’s a charming church, and it always catches my attention.  Even when the roses aren’t blooming like crazy little gremlins crawling up the side of everything.

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249 East 13th Street, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

The color of these roses climbing a brownstone struck me. They were exquisite, and perfect on a dreary day.

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I love winter … don’t get me wrong. I moved North to enjoy Winter, but every winter I look forward to that first legitimate week of Spring. The week when vibrant green shoots are seen culminating in a few days of buds and blooms in every corner of NYC.

Life renewed. Ahh, springtime.

These buds in particular caught my longing eye. They’re long gone, but their memory makes me happy … and ready for next year’s first week of Spring!

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