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Each weekend, I’ve been really good at working on apartment-centric projects. This past weekend, though, I went to Mom’s South Carolina lake house. I told myself that even though I wasn’t going to get anything in the apartment done, I was going get as many of the “little things” as I could fit in my suitcase that would be inexpensive in SC but a fortune in NYC.

Up first, legs for my new bed frame. Yup, building my own frame with the help of a friend’s carpenter brother! I have most of the wood already; I’ll have to buy the rest soon. Here are the legs, though:

Bed Frame Legs

If it works, it’ll be perfect! Both suitcases will fit under it. That was basically all I wanted.

I’ve stored the same things under my bed for the last *cough* years. Now, I want nothing under there. Nothing you can see, anyway. I’m pretty sure that means keeping: TV packaging, two suitcases, and my cat carrier under there. Max.

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Even when I don’t think I have much to say.

Here’s the thing, I’m a little scattered about this. Is this a photography blog? Is it a project blog? Is it a travel blog? I guess it could be everything; I just gotta get better about posting daily. Or almost daily.

What am I doing now? I’m overhauling my apartment in prep of March’s The Cure with Apartment Therapy. Originally I thought it was an online-group project tackling thing, but it’s a Spring cleaning online support group. Well, each area of my minuscule East Village apartment needs to be cleaned out AND cleaned. Most of it needs a total overhaul in terms of organization, furniture, and (sometimes) purpose.

That’s what I’m doing. Along with learning many other lessons, one lesson I’m learning is that the before pictures I think will be important … aren’t. Working on that.

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