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Things Are Looking Up., originally uploaded by mebore.photography.


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The Finger Lakes are one of my favorite regions of New York. All the better they’re a five hour drive from NYC, which means there are few of my “peeps” around. It seems like a whole new world.

We rented a house for a long weekend … hiked … tasted wine … bought wine … and ate delicious food made with our own hands. Bellissimo!

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Loving these late Spring / early Summer days with crisp walks to the office and warm, leisurely walks home (when I can get out of work at a reasonable hour).  I love St. Mark’s in-the-Bowery.  I think it’s a charming church, and it always catches my attention.  Even when the roses aren’t blooming like crazy little gremlins crawling up the side of everything.

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I love my neighborhood. I love walking to work, walking home, walking just about everywhere. Yesterday I walked through the park on my way home, and the enclave of lush life in my rough-around-the-edges neighborhood took my breath away.
Tompkins Square Park

More than a few shots of the park were taken … you can imagine, I’m certain. It was just so inspiring! And after all the concrete, metal, and graffiti pictures I’d been taking … a photograph of life renewed seemed more than appropriate.

There were plenty of us there to enjoy the beauty. I wonder if anyone else went out of their way such as I to enjoy the walk through the park?

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