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Even when I don’t think I have much to say.

Here’s the thing, I’m a little scattered about this. Is this a photography blog? Is it a project blog? Is it a travel blog? I guess it could be everything; I just gotta get better about posting daily. Or almost daily.

What am I doing now? I’m overhauling my apartment in prep of March’s The Cure with Apartment Therapy. Originally I thought it was an online-group project tackling thing, but it’s a Spring cleaning online support group. Well, each area of my minuscule East Village apartment needs to be cleaned out AND cleaned. Most of it needs a total overhaul in terms of organization, furniture, and (sometimes) purpose.

That’s what I’m doing. Along with learning many other lessons, one lesson I’m learning is that the before pictures I think will be important … aren’t. Working on that.

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Tonight I was going to try to hang the new microwave shelf. I finally have all the things I need, namely appropriate brackets and anchors, but now I’m exhausted. And as much as I’d like that shelf in place, I also need to rest.

With all this resting and free time … I’m doing a little online shopping … daydreaming of what my apartment could be. Here are my favorite finds:

What a sweet desk with storage.

This desk would look GREAT where my current desk is. By desk I mean the “Shabby Chic” vanity from Target that I use as a desk. Definitely a step up. Too bad it’s sold out, or maybe not. My renovation budget doesn’t really provide for a new desk.

Here’s the desk I was really looking for:

A desk that collapses INTO a wall shelf ... complete with storage. A-MA-ZING!

Not nearly as eye-catching as the one above, but wow! That would be a great space saver for my tiny, East Village apartment.

And, now, that I’ve given myself permission to purchase flowers weekly, this may well be necessary.

This would be perfect ... for the last, remaining blooms when all the others have been removed.

What I have included in my renovation budget, is a little bit for the cleaning system from MUJI.

One stick with different attachments, just wish the broom were angled!

I hate to end my daydreaming on a “cleaning” note, but that’s where my head is these days.

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