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At the end of last year, I was really hibernating.

from friends, from family, from errands, from clutter, from … well, you name it. I was ‘hibernating’.

Hibernating from just about everything but work.

This year, I’ve returned home with a surprising new commitment to living my life. After months of recoiling from civilization, I’ve come out with a vengeance!

Maybe it was all the snow days that did it.


When I returned, I found I wanted to have dinner with a friend sooner rather than later. And then drinks with another sooner rather than later. Before I knew it, I was attacking things in my life from which I’d been ‘hibernating’ last year.

I was surprised. I hadn’t made New Year’s resolutions, rather I’d been denouncing them, even. But here I was, with several:

1. Get back out into the world. Embrace my friends. Maybe make some new ones.
2. Finish all the unfinished projects in my apartment, especially since it appears I’ll be renewing my lease.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see a lot of photographs about my home DIY projects. Do you ever find you have to tackle something more than once to get it right? I sure do.

So while I’m reconnecting with friends and making new ones, I’m also going to take a first stab at Apartment Therapy’s The Cure. I even bought the book.

Given my track record with personal projects, I’m going to give it a once through before the actual spring cure starts around March.

Snow day at TSP! Time to make some soup!

This year, look forward to food pictures, travel pictures, and before / after project pictures!

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Last week my DSLR arrived, and I went on a photo-hunt in Central Park. There were PLENTY of photos that were good solely because of the camera, and not because I was doing anything right. I was holding the camera back! Seriously. But, then, it started to come together.

Did it ever come together! This is one of my all time favorite photographs. At least until the next photoshoot, which, actually, I’m late to!

Technorati Token: PAXRFWC6ERMC

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Today, my new camera arrived. I’ve waited a long time for this bad boy, and today was the day. So you know I was a picture taking FOOL. Poor FitzKitty got the brunt of it.

The camera is amazing and everything I wanted it to be, even if The FitzKitty would like his quiet, unobtrusive home life to return. Soon enough, I tell him.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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Oh thank goodness, the summer heat is behind us. I miss the blooms, the green trees, and the margaritas. But I don’t miss the heat, humidity, and A/C bill … that’s for sure.

In celebration of autumn, my friend and I headed to the Queens County Farm for their annual Amazing Maize Maze.

As summer fades, a flower withers.

Burnt oranges and golden yellows make autumn that much more special.

Maybe I’m the only one who finds beauty in decay, but doesn’t this flower just touch your heart? Heading to get in line for the maze, we walked through the Farm’s garden. It was really charming. I’m thrilled we went out there, and it was much easier to find via public transportation than I could ever have imagined!

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Livery, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

Wow. I’m thrilled and honored that my photograph (Livery) was featured in TWO of Red Bubble’s groups this week. For me, that’s a record. Here’s to breaking more records. Hope you enjoy this photograph from Montana. If you haven’t been, you might want to consider adding it to your travel bucket list.

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The Finger Lakes are one of my favorite regions of New York. All the better they’re a five hour drive from NYC, which means there are few of my “peeps” around. It seems like a whole new world.

We rented a house for a long weekend … hiked … tasted wine … bought wine … and ate delicious food made with our own hands. Bellissimo!

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Jesus Saves Mission, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

That’s right … Jesus Saves. This is the The Father’s Heart Ministry Center on East 11 Street in the East Village at night. The Jesus Saves sign is simply timeless.

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Ok … so maybe they aren’t identical twins, but they sure do look alike. Don’t they?

So maybe I’m seeing things. Guess I should tag the previous post “Seeing Things” a la Alien Invades Mop photograph.

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