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249 East 13th Street, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

The color of these roses climbing a brownstone struck me. They were exquisite, and perfect on a dreary day.

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Cement Cylinders, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

Trying to get the right balance of urban (see above) and unexpected beauty (see previous flower and creation postings). These cylinders just struck me. They were piled up on the street with neon orange fencing keeping traffic from driving into them … or at least hoping to keep traffic from driving into them.

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Mud How I Love Thee, originally uploaded by mebore.photography.

It’s Monday morning, and the regular commute to work begins. A leisurely stroll down 10th Street to check out the cats at Lil Monsters leads to pounding the pavement on 9th Street to get in line at the Mud Spot, which I always thought was the Mud Stop until I Googled it.

Here it is … my lovely cup of mud. Making the Monday Morning Blahs a little less blah-like, and a lot more tasty.

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