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No one warned me.

Usually someone warns me.

My officemate, my boss, my mother. Someone usually warns me.

Warns me snow is coming.

But not this time! In fact, no one said a peep about the 14″ of snow that was about to be dumped on us. So I showed up to work. I thought about staying home, but how bad could it be? HA!

Today, was a snow day, and I put my extra time to good use hanging a new microwave shelf.

My first attempt at this made use of anchors and screws I already owned from hanging previous shelves, using some L-brackets my mother sent me, and a white Rubbermade shelf I had around the apartment. That was such a flimsy attempt, I wouldn’t even THINK of testing the microwave on it.

First Microwave Shelf, Too Flimsy = FAIL

This time, I went to the Flatiron Home Depot. I told them what I wanted to do, and that I wanted to use my Rubbermade shelf for it. No problem!

I purchased the recommended brackets and anchors. According to the box, the anchors hold 51 lbs. each!

Since I’d already started, I now how to take down the first set of brackets and separate them from the shelf, which took a little while. Especially since the anchors were really in there. In fact, I could only remove three of the four.

You woulda though I was done, but I still hadn’t (really) even started.

In measuring new holes, I held the brackets to the shelf then held the shelf to the wall. Problem was, that took both hands. What good was setting the level, because I couldn’t mark where the new anchors should go.

It was just going to be me for the day, and there wasn’t really anyone I could call over for an extra pair of hands. I decided to measure where the brackets would attach to the shelf, then measure where the brackets would attach to the wall.

Hmm ... See anything wrong with this picture?


My first try had the brackets going in different directions.

My second try had the brackets going in the same direction, but not the one that connected with the wall.

Third time’s the charm! Yup! It was.

I was ready to measure where to attach the brackets to the wall now that they were attached to the shelf! One lesson I had learned from my first failed attempt was to drop the shelf enough to fit the power cord through! Good thing to keep in mind, eh?

Third Times the Charm! Or does this count as the fourth time?

The shelf’s in place, and the microwave fits just right.
My little kitchen after the first phase of its facelift.  Stay tuned!

Yay! Excellent use of my energy and snow day.

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