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The day had finally arrived. The day I had been dreading. The day I would pick fabric for my mirror turned headboard.

Late last year, a friend was cat sitting and broke my mirror. It wasn’t just any mirror. It was a massive, ancient, heavy-as-all-get-out mirror. Once I cleaned up the shards of mirror, I realized the frame could be reutilized as a headboard.

I measured it, it was PERFECT.

Another element to help my apartment feel like a home. Not just any home, my home. A home I built with my own two hands, even if I didn’t construct the walls, install the plumbing, or do any of the other stick-built stuff.

Great idea, make it a headboard. Only problem, I’m gonna have to pick fabric! Grrr.

A friend recommended Zarin Fabrics on Grand. I love P & S Fabrics on Broadway for knitting supplies, and I know they carry fabric (it’s in the name after all). And my beloved and trusted Apartment Therapy recommended Purl on Broome.

Here’s what I found at Zarin:

Option 1

Option 1

This is the first fabric I found that deserved capturing. Granted I forgot about it on the rest of my walk. I will say that having seen it again, I really like it. I am very much considering going back for a second look; maybe I should make the headboard fabric interchangeable…

Up next:

Option 2


Another option:

Option 3

Option 3

Yet Another:

Option 4

Option 4

Finally, one last option:

Option 5

Option 5

Zarin was a gold mine. A gold mine of expensive options. Expensive by my taste and experience, certainly not by the standards of Manhattan where I understand you can purchase fabric at ABC Home for upwards of $200 / yd.

Off to P&S Fabrics on a wing and a prayer. Is that the right use of that phrase? Regardless, the prayer was that they would have a fabric equally or more memorable than the above fabrics.

No luck. I did find a solution to my “batting” issue for the headboard, excellent!

Thinking Purl was open as their website indicated, I walked up Broadway to Broome then cut over. When they weren’t, Happy Easter Sunday, I headed back to Zarin.

Here’s the fabric I picked:

Testing My Selection

Testing My Selection

They were wonderful. At that price, they should be.

Immediately I got home, I tested it in the frame. There’s a lot of work left to do, but mainly I have to figure out how to keep everything in place as they backing is falling apart…

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