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When I started what I thought was Apartment Therapy’s The Cure, I thought, ‘Well at least I won’t have to paint. I still love the color I painted my apartment when I moved in.”


Square that: HAHA!

Turns out, after looking at what I can only estimate has been THOUSANDS of pictures online or in books, I realized, “Oh crap! I want a different color scheme for my space.”

For years, my rooms were always relaxing colors: light blues, light purples. When I moved out on my own and into this space, I chose a solid yellow. Bright, but deep. Oh, Sunny Days, how you lit up my apartment the first year I was here.

Benjamin Moore's Sunny Days

Then I saw this space, and realized what my space was missing: sophistication.

Sophisticated Color Scheme with Color

Don’t get me wrong, Sunny Days has a lot to offer. Like any troubled relationship, I struggled to call it to an end. There are things about Sunny Days I continue to find attractive. And yet, something else was calling to me.

Then another color scheme caught me:

Stolen Inspiration

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Seeing a pattern?

Then I realized the yellow would be gone from my life, which saddened me. I suffer from separation anxiety. I wasn’t completely ready to end things. So I painted my kitchen. Yellow.

Painting in Progress

Final (but poorly lit) Yellow Kitchen

Now, before I bring in new furniture, build some pieces, and go any further … I’m going to paint my apartment’s main room. It also helps that I found a coupon for a free paint sample. Nothing like a expiration date to return my momentum.

What colors to pick, though?!?!

I brought home the freebie (all 2 oz.) and two quarts of mixed-just-for-me paints. Then I headed home, and threw them up on the walls to see what I liked.

Getting a photograph of them on my actual wall was too difficult a task for my camera and lighting options. Here are the colors straight from the Benjamin Moore site:

Schooner - The Front Runner

Schooner - The Front Runner

Mt. Rainier Gray

Mt. Rainier Gray

Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver

I was struggling with which walls to paint.

I knew one needed to be a luminescent white. Something to help enlarge the space. I’m thinking Benjamin Moore’s Gardenia, and I know one of the four walls that will be white.

There are three other walls.

Do I go with a bold color (Schooner), which probably means three white walls and one dramatic wall? Or do I paint two, maybe three, one of the lighter colors? Oh, the dilemma that’s facing me!

While I ponder, a few picture frames are down to provide enough space to test out the colors.

Your choice … weigh in on colors or wait and see what happens next. I have until this weekend to decide. I’d like to have this decision and the painting behind me by weekend end. (Is that even a thing? Weekend end?)


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